There are a few different ways to find Rare Feathers for your quiver upgrade/whatever else you might want them for. Most of the tips boil down to “kill every bird you see” as all birds have a chance to drop Rare Feathers once you complete a certain quest (see below) . During the first few hours you may find one or two Rare Feathers if you manage to kill any eagles you encounter as they can drop them, however, do not worry too much about finding rare feathers until you complete quests for Wogah.

Upgrade Wogah’s hut

Wogah can give you quests that end with you getting guaranteed Rare Feathers. You need to upgrade Wogah’s hut twice before this quest can unlock and I advise upgrading it asap. Once you unlock the quest then complete it and you will have enough feathers to unlock the quiver upgrade AND you can start collecting Rare Feathers from pretty much every type of bird in the game. Once you can do this then you should…

Head north

Go to the first outpost you come to in the snowy area. Then walk south until you see birds. This area has a lot of flightless birds that are much easier to kill than the flying types. They can all drop Rare Feathers. To survive in this area you will need winter clothing.

Finding areas with flightless birds is always good. Keep an eye out when travelling around and you will stockpile feathers without even trying.