The land of Far Cry Primal (called Oros) can be a cold cold place unless you have the correct clothing to keep you warm. While the game is still quite new, here are some ideas and tips for finding the pelts you need to create your Winter Clothing so you can start wandering the wilderness without fear of freezing.

Filter your map for hunting

There is a lot of visual clutter on the standard Far Cry map. Ensure you filter it for hunting to be able to spot wolf packs and yak herds easier.

Cold Mountains

Go near the Cold Mountains. There is often a rare animal around this area that can be tracked down. Remember to use your Hunter Senses to find it. Remember you can use Hunter Vision with your owl to increase the amount of terrain you can cover.

Hunt Wolves at night

To find White Wolves then hunt them at night. Most (every?) every pack is lead by a White Wolf. The packs will run from you so be ready to take it down quickly or use your tamed beast to chase it.

Have any ideas?

I found the Pelts I needed quite quickly by using the simple ideas above. If you know any other ways then comment below and let us know.