Where to start “Where the Cat and Wolf Play…”

Spoiler Free

This new DLC for the Witcher 3 has just been released and it is a great quest. It is for characters level 25+. You can get the quest from the noticeboard in the village of Oreton which is located in Velen. The notice is called “The beast of Honorton”. You can see the exact location below, there is a fast travel marker for the village that you probably found while playing through the story.


Velen – Oreton Village Noticeboard

Where to start witcher 3 quest

Hope this is useful! The free DLCs are fantastic content that should not be missed and they definitely help fill the time until the first Witcher 3 expansion is released.

Slight Spoiler

If you return to the village of Oreton after finishing this quest then you will see the girl by the village signpost. She will give you something.