Once you have completed the story mode of Lego Jurassic World then you will probably want to start collecting all the extras the game has to offer. However, you might notice that a lot of the puzzles require you to have a dinosaur who can leap and grab ledges, or pull levers. The Velociraptor can do all of these things and is essential to completing many puzzles in and out of the story mode.

Finding the Velociraptor is simple and you might have found him on your first run though (I missed him). If you missed him too then check out the video below.

As you can see, the Velociraptor is found in the level “Restoring Power”. Start the level, complete the chase scene and then walk down the stairs. Immediately on your right there will be some dinosaur droppings. Use a character who can interact with them and you will get the Amber for the Velociraptor. You can then Exit and save the level. Using this option lets you keep the Raptor without having to complete the rest of the level.

The Velociraptor is essential to completing many puzzles.

The Velociraptor is essential to completing many puzzles. Knowing where to find him is hard if you missed him on your first playthrough.

If you also missed him during your playthrough then I hope this helped you!