Here you can find the answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding Witch Doctor’s Ultimate. Death Ward is a very powerful ability with some very interesting interactions. A lot of players do not use it to it’s maximum effect but players who master the use of Death Ward can single-handedly win teamfights as the damage it can deal is devestating.

Can you use BKB while casting?

No, you cannot cast BKB while channelling Death Ward. While BKB is great on Witch Doctor, you must use it before you start channelling his ultimate.

What other items can’t I use?

You also cannot use Dust, Smoke, Arcane Boots, Pipe of Insight, Mekansm, Blade Mail, Ghost Scepter, Drum of Endurance, Satanic, Soul Ring, Crimson Guard, Necronomicon, Butterfly, Lotus Orb or Manta Style. Additionally, Swapping Power Treads to another stat will also break the cast. Most items cannot be used. There are some items that are exceptions which are listed below.

Can you use Shadow Blade while casting Death Ward?

Yes, you can. Other item’s you can use include Shiva’s Guard, Shadow Amulet and Silver Edge. There are other items you can use too but they are items you would never want to build on Witch Doctor such as Amulet.

Can you use Glimmer Cape while casting the ultimate?

Yes, you can use Glimmer Cape while casting any channelling spell such as Crystal Maiden’s Ultimate or even Elder Titan’s Echo Stomp.

Can you control Death Ward?

Yes, you can choose who Death Ward targets (if they are in range) by selecting both Witch Doctor and the Ward and Attack-Clicking your preferred target. This will cause the target to change.

Other Death Ward tips

  • You can use Voodoo Restoration while channelling without interrupting the cast. This is fantastic against Rubick who will try to steal your spell while you stand channelling it.
  • The ultimate is physical damage, can be disjointed and can miss if the enemy has evasion.
  • Despite being physical damage, the damage is not reduced by damage block abilities.
  • After the Death Ward expires, it will give you some LOS around the area for 5 seconds.

Have any other interesting information?

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