The Witcher series has always been known for it’s difficulty settings. Death March is no exception and especially during the first 10 levels you will find yourself getting destroyed by even the flimsiest looking foes. Here are some tips to make sure you survive through to the end.

Quen is your best friend

Quen is easily the most overpowered sign you have. Use it whenever you can during fights and especially before you start a fight so your stamina will instantly recharge back to full before entering combat. However, what makes Quen so good is what you can do with it once upgraded…

Once you have the the skill “Active Shield” you can start to use Quen to regain your life points from damage you take. Activate the shield by holding your sign button down and then any damage your shield takes will be added to your health total. For example, when you are in freezing weather and taking damage form the cold, you can use the shield to restore your health. You can repeat this until you are full health again. As Death March does not allow meditation to restore vitality then this is invaluable as it saves you a lot of money you would have to spend on food. This is a skill that will make your entire play-through so much easier and should be taken as soon as possible.

Sometimes you have to give up and return later

Sometimes you may run into an enemy during a contract that you can’t kill (usually because it regenerates faster than you can damage it). When this happens then it is best to flee and return once you have upgraded your equipment and got a few extra levels. Speaking of equipment…

Always search for better gear

While the first 10 levels of Death March are difficulty, once you start getting some good gear then you will notice that it gets significantly easier. If you manage to get your hands on some upgraded Witcher gear (will not give spoilers on how to get it) then you will find that the game just got a whole lot easier.

Prioritise defence over offence

Never let yourself take damage for the sake of 1 melee swing. Use dodge to sidestep attacks then swing your sword a couple of times. Repeat this process and do not let yourself get hit because you were too greedy for damage. Because of this reason then I also prefer…

Fast attacks over strong attacks

I find that fast attacks give me more time to dodge away from enemy swings. Fast attacks simply give you more time and should be utilised more often than strong attacks. Strong attacks should only be used when you know the enemy cannot stop it from landing. ie, you are behind them.

Read the bestiary for weaknesses

This is not normal mode where you can dive in and expect things to go well. All enemies have a weakness and you should always be looking to exploit it.

Stack sign intensity

If you are more focused on using signs, stack sign intensity and put points into Igni. While this is hard to accomplish, once you hit level 15-20 and start finding more sign intensity then you will be able to decimate entire groups of enemies by igniting them all for insane damage. It is recommended to play your first 15 levels like normal before changing to using Igni, as at the start it is quite weak.

Infinite Sprint!

Although this can be done in all difficulty modes, it really is so useful that it should be mentioned here. When you are sprinting, whenever you press jump then your stamina will reset to full. This means you never have to run slowly again.

If you have any more tips then please comment below

Good tips will be added above. Good luck playing The Witcher 3 on Death March difficulty!