The Witcher 3 gives Geralt the opportunity to prove his skills at fistfighting. He will face 13 opponents around the world and attempt to become the best of the best. Here are some tips that will allow you to become the best.

Human opponents

Humans are always your easiest opponents, this is because you can counterattack their blows. Some of the fights can get fairly tricky, however and the later fights will require good timing and patience (and possibly running away from your opponent while eating food)

Fistfighting in Velen

The place where you will first come across fightfighting. The opponents are easy to take down and you can generally strong attack them into submission or couterattack all their blows and follow up with a strong attack. Either way, you will find these to be quite simple.

Fistfighting in Novigrad

The competition is starting to get a bit harder. Now your opponents may counterattack you if you throw too many punches. You will have to be more careful about throwing punches. Wait for them to throw a punch at you, then counter and strong attack them before backing off and repeating the process. This is the safest way to beat them.

Fistfighting in Skellige

Skellige opponents are not so much harder than in Novigrad, the main difference is that you must use counterattack and their punches really hurt if you make a mistake. Hang back and let them swing for you, if you are too close then they might fast attack you which you probably cant react to counterattack fast enough. By staying a bit further back then they can only reach you with strong, slow punches that you can easily counter. After countering, you can usually hit them with 2 strong attacks before backing off.

Non-human opponents

Without spoiling anything, there are 2 non-human opponents to face during your fistfighting career. As with other monsters in the game then you cannot counterattack their blows and they do not have a stamina bar so you cannot wear them down. The key is to make them attack you, roll to the side and hit them once before resetting and preparing to roll again.

Fistfighting tips

  • If you are finding any fight difficult then pack a lot of food and when you get low health then run around while eating and regenerating your health.
  • Be patient, if you mash buttons then you will likely lose, especially in the later fights.
  • Counterattacking is always the safest way to beat the human fights.