Here are some tips regarding The Witcher 3. After completing the game on Death March difficulty then here are some things that I have learnt that I hope might help you.

Healing in Death March/Blood and Broken Bones

Take an early point and invest it into Sun and Stars. This gives you some small passive regeneration that really adds up over time. Especially early in the game, you will notice this doing a lot of work.

Another way to get some easy healing is by putting talent points into Active Shield. This will convert any damage you take into health for you. You can abuse this by using it near poison clouds, healing a little then walking away, refreshing the shield then going back in. You will often find ways to heal up to full health without using any food or potions.

Infinite Sprinting!

When your are sprinting, any time you press jump your stamina bar will reset to full. You can use this to sprint for a infinite duration.

Sign Intensity is overpowered

Sign intensity is the most powerful stat in the game. Once you have enough of it then nothing in the game can provide a challenge for you. If you want to crush everything then choose a build that uses sign intensity and Firestream to incinerate all your opponents. Note that once you are above around 150% sign intensity then you should change to a different stat because after this point then stacking more is unnecessary.

You can make your boat sail faster

When you are riding Roach you can double tap sprint to gallop. Well on boats you can double tap to sail faster. I only realised this after I had already explored all of the Skellige Isles. Knowing this would have saved me a lot of time.

You can switch signs while parrying

Just tap left/right (that would sheath/draw your swords) while parrying. This will change your signs without having to access the menu.

Use Axii on Roach

If Roach is scared, you can calm him using Axii. This will reduce his fear level.

Carry a lot of food

If you are fistfighting or fighting anything that does not regenerate health, you can run around and eat food to restore yourself to 100% before continuing. This tactic is very useful in Death March mode where bosses will deal a lot of damage and you have to run away a lot. It also makes the fistfights very easy as although you cannot use potions/oils you are still allowed to eat.

Roll to prevent fall damage

If you tap roll when you are about to land, Geralt will roll and avoid taking a lot of fall damage. As fall damage is very lethal in this game, timing the roll s very important to Geralt’s well-being.

Look at the Bestiary

Witcher 3 expects you to prepare for fights. A big part of this is checking the monster in your Bestiary and seeing what it is weak against.

Prepare traps before a fight

As your stamina recharges quickly when out of combat, place Yrden traps then a Quen shield on yourself before fighting. The extra slow/shield will help you a lot.

How to deal with Wraiths

Yrden makes Wraiths move a lot slower and if they are ethereal (cannot be hit by your sword) if will render them corporeal so you can hit them. Some of the Witcher contracts are for Wraiths that you will find take very little damage unless they are affected by Yrden.

Have any more tips?

If you have any other helpful tips that you think will benefit someone, please comment and list them below