NG+ has just been released for The Witcher 3 and although most people are able to play, there are some small problems that can be rather confusing. This guide will hopefully clear up the problems.

How to start NG+

Download the NG+ file for whatever platform you are playing The Witcher on.Go to the Witcher 3 main menu, choose “New Game” and select the difficulty and the various options you want. Then choose NG+ and choose your save file you wish to copy to start NG+. You must have completed the games story missions in order to select the save file.

I can’t select the save file to start NG+

You need to have a new save file after downloading NG+. Load your save file and make another manual save. Use this save to start NG+. Many people have the same error and this seems to fix most of the problems associated with starting a new game.

Do Places of Power give skill points in NG+?

Yes, they do. All Places of Power will give you an extra skill point. You might want to collect all the Places of Power before starting NG+ f you wish to make Geralt the most powerful he can possibly be.

Any other problems?

Comment below if you have other issues. NG+ is bound to contain some bugs or other technical problems.