(Fallout 4) Max Affinity with Strong – Best Ways to Improve your Game

Strong is one of the strongest companions in Fallout 4 and he may be the hardest companion to max affinity with. This is because he is very choosy about his likes and dislikes. Once you max out affinity you will get the perk that reads “When you are below 25% health melee weapons will deal 25% more damage”. This is very strong if you are running a melee based build. Here are the best ways to max out your Affinity with Strong. When doing this, be sure you do not do anything that he dislikes (see below).

Sneak attack settlers

Strong likes things a normal Super Mutant likes. This includes murder. Sneak attacking your settlers will get you a lot of respect from it and earn you affinity. The best part is that you always have a supply of settlers. Kill several settlers (don’t be detected doing so) then go to another community and repeat.

Kill non-hostiles

Strong enjoys watching you kill non-hostiles. Killing hostiles such as raiders gets you a little affinity but killing peaceful civilians and traders gets you a lot. As mentioned before, settlers are perfect for this.


The Cannibal perk (Endurance 8) allows you to eat people (and ghouls/mutants on rank 2/3) to gain health. Doing this in Strong’s presence will earn you affinity with him.

Be aggressive when speaking

Fallout 4 - Strong

Choosing aggressive/cruel options will cause Strong to gain affinity. He likes strong characters, not diplomatic ones!

Strong doesn’t like…

  • Lock-picking/hacking
  • Power Armor
  • Scavenging
  • Being nice

Avoid doing the above while maxing out his affinity.