Where to Find White Gull (Witcher 3) & What Is Used For?

Usually by the time you need to craft White Gull then you will already have the formula. Check if you have the recipe by going to Menu > Alchemy > Alcohol and seeing if it is available.

If for some reason you do not then you can purchase it off the herbalist in White Orchard. If you cannot find the herbalist (I could not) then you should go to the Skellige Isles and find the Master Alchemist.

Once you complete his quest then you will automatically learn how to craft White Gull (he teaches you). The Master Alchemist also has lots of the best formulas in the game so he is worth going to find (I won’t spoil his location in this post, but you can easily search where to find him elsewhere).

White Gull is an important item that is used to craft many high-end items. It is also a component of Rebis.

To craft White Gull in Witcher 3, you need to gather the following ingredients:

  • Mandrake Cordial
  • Cherry Cordial
  • Empty Bottle
  • Redanian Herbal
  • Arenaria

You can find these ingredients from various sources throughout the game. Once you have all the ingredients, you can craft White Gull using the Alchemy tab in the game’s menu.

Where To Find The Recipe

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The recipe for White Gull can also be obtained by looting it from chests, as a quest reward, or purchased from various vendors.

Some vendors who may sell the recipe include:

  1. Tomira in White Orchard – Her hut is located slightly east of the Sawmill in White Orchard.
  2. Keira Metz in Velen – She can be found northeast of Midcopse in Velen.
  3. The alchemist outside Novigrad – His place is located just north of Novigrad’s Oxenfurt Gate.
  4. Gremist in Skellige – He’s situated north of Gedyneith in Skellige.

Keep in mind that not all vendors may have the recipe in stock all the time, so you may need to check their inventory periodically.

How to get the ingredients to make White Gull

The only difficult ingredients to find are Mandrake Cordial and Cherry Cordial. The others ingredients are plentiful and should not pose a problem to you.

Where to find Mandrake and Cherry Cordial

Mandrake Oil and Cherry cordial are a pain to find. Luckily, the Quartermaster at Crow’s Perch (In Velen) stocks both of them in reasonably high amounts. See the video below if you are having problems finding him.

Redanian Herbal

This is available at most bars/inns. The place in the video below stocks several which is useful. If you cannot view the video then it is the place where you see Priscilla perform her song.

Empty Bottle and Arenaria

By the time I wanted to craft White Gull, I had plenty of these items just from looting and gathering. If you need to buy some then go to any herbalist or alchemist. I always use the herbalist in Novigrad, you can find him at the location in the picture below and he stocks both of these in high numbers.

location of herbalist witcher 3
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Buy enough ingredients to make plenty of White Gull. If you want to craft a lot of Witcher armor or other bombs/potions then you will need a lot of it. Buy enough to make 5-8 and it should be enough for you.

Uses of White Gull

White Gull has several uses in The Witcher 3:

  1. Refilling all of your potions: White Gull can be used to refill all of your potion charges, making it useful in longer fights where you may need to use several potions.
  2. Reducing potion toxicity: When consumed before a potion, White Gull reduces the toxicity of that potion, allowing you to use more potions without suffering from negative side effects.
  3. Required for crafting certain potions and items: White Gull is a key ingredient in crafting several potions and items, such as the Killer Whale potion, which allows you to dive for longer periods of time, and the Superior Blizzard potion, which slows down time for enemies in combat.

Overall, White Gull is a versatile alchemical ingredient that can help you in combat and make your adventures easier.

Hope this helps you

White Gull was a key ingredient that always took me a long time to make until I found the Crow’s Perch Quartermaster.