MGSV Parasite Suit Information – Strategies when Planning a Mission

This post is about the Parasite Suit you can develop and use in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. The parasite suit is a cool addition to the game and gives you a lot of new strategies when planning a mission.

Note: The parasite suit claims that it does not allow you get an S rank if you use it. This is false as you can still get an S rank if you use the armor and mist parasites. The camouflage parasite is the only one that limits your mission ranking.

Now that’s a scary looking suit!

How to unlock the Parasite Suit

MGSV_ Phantom Pain -

You must complete mission 29: Metallic Archaea and your R&D team and Medical team must both be level 25. Then the suit will become available for development. The standalone suit does not give you any special powers and you must equip it with parasites. You can only get these parasites from extracting members of the Skull units. Once you have extracted the skulls you can go to Development then to Items and choose which parasite you wish to develop.

Where to get the different parasites

Acquire the armor parasite from extracting the skulls during mission 29. Acquire the Mist parasite from the Skulls during Mission 1: Phantom Limbs or Mission 6 :Where Do The Bees Sleep?. Acquire the Camo parasite from the skulls found at the start of mission 28.

How to easily extract the skulls

MGSV_ Phantom Pain tips

Forget tranquillizing the skulls, take your most damaging weapon (likely a machine gun if you have developed a good one) or D-Walker with Gatling Guns and damage them until there is only one left standing. The others will be rolling on the floor injured and are able to be extracted.

What do the different parasites do?

mission 6

The mist parasite summons a mist around the area just like the skulls do. This greatly hinders the enemies field of view.

The camouflage parasite allows you to become invisible. This parasite prevents S rank.

The armor parasite greatly increases snake’s defense and makes him a lot harder to damage.

What does Parasite Suit Grade 2 do?

Parasite Suit Grade 2 makes the parasite cartridges last longer.